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Portal of the Italian language

Italian Cultural Institutes 

  • Italian Law no. 401 of 22 December 1990 – Reform of the Italian cultural institutes and measures to promote Italian culture and language abroad.
  • Italian Decree no. 392 of 27 April 1995 – Regulation on how to organise and run the Italian Cultural Institutes abroad and their financial management.

Italian schools abroad

  • MAECI-MIUR inter-ministerial decree no. 634 of 2 October 2018 – Cultural and professional requirements of school directors, teachers and administrative staff to be posted abroad
  • Italian Presidential Decree no. 18 of 5 January 1967 and subsequent amendments – Rules governing the Administration of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
  • Italian Legislative Decree no. 64 of 13 April 2017 – Regulation on Italian schools abroad, in accordance with Article 1, paragraphs 180 and 181, letter h), of Italian law no. 107 of 13 July 2015
  • Italian Decree no. 2501 of 8 January 2018 – Compulsory courses under Italian law which, in state schools abroad, may be entrusted to teaching staff with permanent contracts
  • Italian Ministerial Decree no. 1615 of 4 September 2017 – Criteria and procedures for Italian state schools abroad to recruit local contract teachers
  • CCNL 2018 – National Collective Labour Agreement for the Education and Research sector for the period 2016-2018 and Research for the period 2016-2018
  • CCNL AREA V 2006 – National Collective Labour Agreement for Executives in area V for the legal four-year period 2002-05 and the first economic two-year period 2002-03, and the integration dated 15/07/2010 (National Collective Labour Agreement relating to Area V executives for the regulatory period 2006-2009 and the first economic two-year period 2006-2007)
  • Code of Conduct
  • Italian Consolidated law on public employment (articles 55 et seq. of Italian Legislative Decree no. 165/2001)
  • Disciplinary rules for school directors
  • Disciplinary rules for administrative, technical and auxiliary staff
  • Disciplinary rules for teaching staff
  • Italian Interministerial Decree no. 4269 of 4.08.2010 – – Study plans for technical institutes
  • Italian Interministerial Decree no. 4270 of 4.08.2010 – Study plans for Italian high schools abroad specialising in classical studies, linguistics, the sciences and applied sciences
  • Italian Interministerial Decree no. 4460 of 6 September 2012, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Official Gazette of the Italian Republic) no. 252 of 27 October 2012 – Study plans for Italian art, music and dance, humanities high schools and relative specialization
  • Italian Interministerial Decree no. 4461 of 6 September 2012, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Official Gazette of the Italian Republic) no. 253 of 29 October 2012 – Guidelines to be included and maintained on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs list of non-state authorized private Italian schools
  • Italian Interministerial Decree no. 2508 of 7.01.1999 – State exams in Italian schools abroad
  • Italian Interministerial Decree no. 267/4642 of 3.09.2002 – School autonomy
  • Italian Interministerial Decree no. 4716/2009 – Guidelines for the awarding and maintenance of state authorization
  • IeFp MAE-MIUR Agreement – Agreement for Italian professional institutes abroad to implement, starting from the 2001/2012 academic year, three-year educational and vocational training courses on  subsidiarity, signed on 23-11-2011 by representatives of the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), the Lazio Region and the MAE (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Italian Legislative Decree no. 71 of 3.02.2011 – Regulations on and functions of consular offices, in particular art. 56 “Functions relating to school matters”
  • Italian Interministerial Decree no. 4434 of 6 August 2015 – Regulations on First-Level Italian Schools Abroad, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Official Gazette of the Italian Republic) – General Series no. 193 of 21.08.2015

Archaeological missions

  • Decree of the Director General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation no. 3610/2590 of 06/02/2020 – Procedure for submitting requests for grants for Italian archaeological, anthropological and ethnological missions abroad. The necessary requirements for submitting requests and reporting methods are defined by the annual call for applications, published in the Opportunities > Public notices section of the website.