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Green archaeology
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Green archaeology

Categories: Archaeology and Heritage

An initiative aimed at reducing the environmental impact of Italian archaeological missions abroad by offsetting the CO2 produced by associated travel.

From 2020 the directors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Italian archaeological, anthropological and ethnological missions abroad can include in their expense reporting the costs from joining reforestation and afforestation projects or ecosystem services to offset the CO2 produced on the journeys associated with their project.

They can, for example, include among their expenses donations made to NGOs that calculate the CO2 produced and offset it by planting trees.

This is an initiative that falls within the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations Agenda 2030 and aims to promote the responsible use of public transport as well as any other measures to reduce the environmental impact of the work of archaeologists and to raise awareness of these issues among local communities.

The results of this initiative, which has been extended to the current year, will be taken into consideration during the course of 2021, and its effects will be evaluated in terms of the amount of CO2 that has been offset.


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