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'Firmamento', the new DirittiLab short film
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‘Firmamento’, the new DirittiLab short film

Categories: Cinema and Audio-visual

10 October is World Day Against the Death Penalty, commemorated by the Farnesina through the screening of the short film “Firmamento” (Firmament).


10 October is World Day Against the Death Penalty, commemorated by the Farnesina through the screening of the short film “Firmamento”, as part of the #DirittiLab project in collaboration with @ IULM.University of Milan.

The video is set in a prison where, through the rectangular fenced area of the sky and its remnants of blue between thick gratings, the scratched voice of an indistinct man tells the invisible prospect of his detention, searching for hope between lost memories and the black hole of the future.

Diritti Lab is an IULMovie LAB production by students in the second year of their Master’s Degree Course in Television, Cinema and New Media at IULM University of Milan under the artistic supervision of Giuseppe Carrieri, and each film represents a different directing experiment. The thirteen short films, each dedicated to a specific human right, will be published between February 2022 and January 2023. After “Firmamento”, short films on religion, identity, climate change, disability and memory are in the works at IULM Produzioni.

Diritti Lab is a cultural diplomacy initiative that aims to stimulate the international public to reflect on themes relating to human rights and fundamental freedoms; it is part of the activities undertaken in Italy in defence of these rights within a bilateral and multilateral framework, which constitutes the cornerstone of Italian foreign policy.

Previously, on the occasion of Holocaust Memorial Day 2022, the Farnesina promoted the distribution of the short film ‘Non ho sentito gridare nessuno’ (I Didn’t Hear Anybody Scream) by director Giuseppe Carrieri on, which was produced in collaboration with the IULMovie Lab of the IULM University of Milan. The protagonist of the video is the partisan and survivor of the Nazi concentration camps Riccardo Goruppi, a witness to the atrocities at Dachau. In the short film, Goruppi, who died last April at the age of 94, has a conversation with students at the “Simon Gregorčič” state middle school of Dolina (Trieste), handing down his testimony to future generations. “Non ho sentito gridare nessuno” was the pilot episode of Diritti Lab, which is now going live this March.

Subsequently, for Women’s Rights Day on 8 March 2022, the short film entitled M A N I F E S T O was launched as a reflection inspired by the poem Attorno a questo mio corpo (Around this body of mine) by Amelia Rosselli.


"Firmamento" DirittiLab

“Firmamento” è il cortometraggio che il progetto “Diritti Lab”, nato dalla collaborazione tra la Farnesina e l’Università IULM di Milano, dedica al tema della pena di morte. Prodotto da IULMovie LAB e curato delle studentesse e degli studenti del II anno della Laurea Magistrale in Televisione, Cinema e New Media dell'Università IULM, con la supervisione artistica di Giuseppe Carrieri. Il video è ambientato in un carcere dove, attraverso il recinto rettangolare del cielo e suoi scampoli di azzurro tra fitte grate, la voce graffiata di un uomo come tanti racconta la prospettiva invisibile della sua detenzione, cercando una possibilità tra ricordi dispersi e il buco nero del futuro. Sottotitoli disponibili in italiano, inglese, spagnolo e francese.

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