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Corti d'autore | Dolente Bellezza
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Corti d’autore | Dolente Bellezza

Categories: Culture and creativity -Cinema and Audio-visual

The animated short film, exclusive screening for Dantedì.

Corti d'Autore Dolente Bellezza
Dolente Bellezza

‘Dolente Bellezza’ is a short animated film dedicated to Dante Alighieri, written and directed by Roberto Recchioni, produced by Direct2Brain, selected in the context of ‘Corti d’Autore’, an initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with the National Association of Multimedia Audiovisual Film Industries (ANICA).

A visual and metaphorical journey through the circles of an Italy transformed into hell. From abandonment to negligence, from pollution to crime. But everything can be reborn and shine once again, thanks to beauty.

The project, developed almost entirely remotely, thanks to the most advanced technologies in a very difficult moment like that of the pandemic, aims to ‘tell Dante Alighieri’s masterpiece through contemporary digital storytelling techniques, a format that’s relevant to young people and with visual appeal for adults’, as producer Manuela Cacciamani explains.

Another aim, underlined by the director Roberto Recchioni, is ‘to promote the great Italian comics and animation experience  and connect it to the strength and tradition of our culture’.

In addition to the triplets of the Divine Comedy, ‘Dolente Bellezza’ refers to another cornerstone of Italian literature: ‘Cristo si è fermato a Eboli’ (Christ stopped at Eboli) by Carlo Levi. An unusual simile that, with a lucid and neorealist gaze, leads us on a cathartic journey to the underworld, followed by a kind of rebirth.

The short film, presented in a trailer version in the presentation event of the ‘Dante 700 nel Mondo‘ initiatives, is now available for free online.


Corti d'Autore - Dolente Bellezza

by Roberto Recchioni. Produced by Direct 2 Brain.

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