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Lessons of Fare Cinema 2020: casting director
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Lessons of Fare Cinema 2020: casting director

Categories: Culture and creativity -Cinema and Audio-visual

Three video lessons to learn first-hand about the professions in film, as described by those on the inside.


Beatrice Kruger is one of the best known casting directors nationally and internationally. With her agency, FBI Casting, she boasts numerous film and television productions and prestigious collaborations, including with Marco Bellocchio (‘Buongiorno, notte’) and Steven Soderbergh (‘Ocean’s Twelve’). In her video lesson, Kruger explains the delicate and important role of a casting director in putting together the cast of a film.

Liliana Trapani is one of the most important casting directors in Italy and Europe. She has been behind the casting for numerous film and television productions, including ‘Medici, Masters of Florence II’ (2018) and ‘L’aquila’ (2019). In her video-lesson, Trapani describes all the phases of her delicate work, from reading the script to the final choice of actors. 

Among the best known Italian casting directors, Barbara Giordani has worked with directors and artists such as Paolo Genovese, Gabriele Muccino and George Clooney. To date, she boasts more than 100 productions: among the most recent, ‘Perfetti Sconosciuti’ by Paolo Genovese (2015), ‘Beata ignoranza’ by Massimiliano Bruno (2016), ‘I due Papi’ by Fernando Meirelles (2019). 

We would like to thank the Italian Union of Casting Directors, UICD.


Casting director

Beatrice Kruger

Casting director

Lilia Trapani

Casting director

Barbara Giordani

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