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Lessons of Fare Cinema 2020: composer
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Lessons of Fare Cinema 2020: composer

Categories: Culture and creativity -Cinema and Audio-visual

Video lessons on the professions in film, as described by those on the inside.


Stefano Reali is a director, composer and screenwriter for film and television. He has worked with the great masters of cinema, such as Sergio Leone. In his video-lesson, Reali explains, through his own experiences during his career, the uses and characteristics of soundtracks. 

Riccardo Eberspacher is a composer of music for film, with a long experience that includes television, in films such as ‘Saturno contro’ (2007) and ‘La vita è un gioco’ (2000). In his video lesson, Eberspacher explains the importance of music for the scenes of a film and how different musical choices can have effects that change the very meaning of the actors’ performance.

Paolo Vivaldi is the composer of numerous soundtracks for film and television, including for ‘I ragazzi dello Zecchino d’Oro’ (2019) and ‘Permette? Alberto Sordi’ (2020). In his video-lesson, Vivaldi talks about how he found the inspiration for an important miniseries: ‘Adriano Olivetti. The strength of a dream’ (2013).

We would like to thank the Film Music Composers Association, ACMF. 



Stefano Reali


Riccardo Eberspacher


Paolo Vivaldi

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