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New artworks in Collezione Farnesina #1
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New artworks in Collezione Farnesina #1

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts -Design and Architecture

A space dedicated to graphic design, illustration and street art is opened.

Collezione Farnesina - Gianluigi Toccafondo Ballerina (2018)
Collezione Farnesina – Gianluigi Toccafondo Ballerina (2018)

On the mezzanine floor of the Collezione Farnesina, a new gallery dedicated to graphic design, illustration and street art is being inaugurated. This space, the corridor next to the Atrio d’Onore, aims to capture the vibrancy of contemporary Italian art in sectors in which, since the 1990s, the work of Italian artists has received great international recognition and has become a point of reference for the most recent research.

The corridor now houses nine works. It is opened by “Ballerina” (2018), a sequence of twenty-eight sketches created by Gianluigi Toccafondo for Vittorio Montalti’s opera “Un Romano a Marte” (A Roman on Mars). This is followed by “Paesaggio Urbano V” (2017), a large stencil-poster of pure geometric abstraction by the Roman artistic duo Sten & Lex, two of the main graffiti artists in Italy who use this technique.

Immediately beyond, you will find “Copertina realizzata per la rivista New Yorker” (2019) and “Manifesto per la Metropolitana di New York” (2019) by Olimpia Zagnoli  (1984), a Milanese artist who works in Europe and the United States. The distinctive features of her style are evident in the two prints: a predilection for rounded shapes and the use of bright, luminous colours. From Zagnoli’s lively chromatism, we move on to the absence of colours that characterises the works of Paper Resistance (Galatina, 1974), a designer working in Bologna, whose works, such as “Mongolfiero” (2019), are distinguished by a linear and essential style.

For now, the works in the new space of the Collezione Farnesia end with four works by Hitnes (Rome, 1982), an artist who has been painting on walls all over the world since 1996. His graffiti, as well as his drawings and engravings, feature nature and animals in particular. The works in the Collezione are two acrylics on book paper, namely “Russian headjog” (2014) and “Pastinaca” (2014), and two 16-colour serigraphs: “Selezione naturale 1” and “Selezione naturale 3” (both from 2019).

However, this is just the beginning. In the coming months, thanks to the work of the Scientific Committee, other works will enrich the space we have just inaugurated as well as other areas of the Farnesina. In particular, we are working to expand the photo gallery housed on the fifth floor and to boost the presence of the great masters of the twentieth century.
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