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Artists’ Colouring Book - Colour the Farnesina Art Collection!
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Artists’ Colouring Book – Colour the Farnesina Art Collection!

Categories: Visual Arts

Pick up your pencils and pens: play with Italian contemporary art!

Album d'artista Collezione Farnesina
copertina album

The aim of the ‘Artists’ Colouring Book‘ project is to bring a wide audience, especially children, closer the language of contemporary art. By playing with shapes, colours, materials and cultural traditions ranging from the ancient world to everyday life, artists of the 20th and 21st centuries emphasise the fact that art is creation, always free and open to multiple interpretations. In this spirit, we have selected for ‘Artists’ Colouring Book’ some works from the Farnesina Collection, which we present below in graphical form, in black and white, so you can recolour them as you like, with digital tools or by hand, armed with pencils and pens.

You are invited to discover the main currents of Italian contemporary art (from the abstractionism of Piero Dorazio, Achille Perilli and Corrado Cagli to optical art by Alberto Biasi and the new impressionism of Alessandra Giovannoni; from the primitivism of Massimo Campigli to the research on contemporaneity by Pietro Ruffo and Mustafa Sabbagh) and to reinterpret them according to your taste. In ‘Artists’ Colouring Book’, you (too) are the artists!

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