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Futura. Italian Music around the World | LUCfest 2020
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Futura. Italian Music around the World | LUCfest 2020

Categories: Culture and creativity -Music and Performing Arts
Online the video concerts by the Italian artists who performed at LUCfest 2020.
LUCfest 2020

The video concerts of LUCfest 2020 –  a showcase festival taking place in Taipei and aiming to connect the Asian music industry with the global one – are now available on . The 2020 virtual lineup included the following Italian acts: ELASI, a singer-songwriter and producer who combines exotic rhythms and ethnic instruments with digital experimentation, Lucia Manca, a passionate and dreamy singer-songwriter, and Vanarin, an Anglo-Italian Brit-Pop, R’n’B, and Neo-Soul project.

‘Futura’ is the project created to support the promotion of Italian music abroad, as a result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Italia Music Lab foundation. It consists of a music video archive that includes performances by Italian artists who over the past two years have played during the digital editions of many showcase festivals around the world.



Futura | LUCfest 2020 | Elasi

ELASI is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer whose musical style is imbued with journeys through real and imaginary worlds. In her tracks, we hear exotic beats, ethnic instruments and digital experimentation which cross any geographical and genre boundaries. In 2018, she released her first single, Benessere, and performed at prestigious festivals, including MI AMI festival and Home Fest. ELASI's latest work is OASI ELASI, released in 2021.

Futura | LUCfest 2020 | Lucia Manca

Lucia Manca is an Italian singer-songwriter. Her career began in 2011 when she released her first self-titled album. She collaborated with several artists and producers. In 2022, she released her latest single, Guilty Pleasure, with Francesco De Leo. Her songs have strong references to the Italian music from the 80s, with melancholic and dreamy notes that carry us back into the past.

Futura | LUCfest 2020 | Vanarin

Vanarin are an Anglo-Italian band that was formed in July 2016. The band consists of David Paysden(Vocals, synths), Marco Sciacqua(Backing vocals, guitar), Massimo Mantovani(Vocals, bass, guitar) and Marco Brena(Drums, percussions). Vanarin's music is the perfect mix of Brit-Pop, R'n'B, and Neo-Soul. The band is noted for their energetic performances and elaborate 3-part harmonies. They work towards a unique sound, integrating everyone's input during the creative process, respecting differences in taste and working towards an innovative result that maintains a Pop edge. The band released their first EP Vanarin on 6 January 2017 and played gigs all around Italy and Europe, then in 2018, they released their first LP Overnight. In January 2021 their latest album Treading Water came out via Dischi Sotterranei.

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