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A Meeting Between Fabio Stassi and Cristina Giordano in Cologne
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A Meeting Between Fabio Stassi and Cristina Giordano in Cologne

Categories: Culture and creativity -Literature and Publishing
The young Sicilian author will discuss the premise of his latest novel.
cover_fstassi_itwiw_small-small - dettaglio
cover_fstassi_itwiw_small-small – dettaglio

On the 28 March the Italian Cultural Institute of Cologne will be hosting a discussion with Fabio Stassi, the author of ‘Uccido chi voglio’ (I Kill Who I Want), published in Italy by Sellerio and in German by Edition Converso with the title ‘Ich töte wen ich will’.

The event is being moderated by Cristina Giordano and is part of the “Literatur” series of meetings, which aims to present contemporary Italian literature through the words of its key personalities.

Fabio Stassi’s latest book, ‘Uccido chi voglio’ osthe third (mis)adventure of the bibliotherapist Vince Corso after ‘La lettrice scomparsa’ (2016, “The Missing Reader”) and ‘Ogni coincidenza ha un anima’ (2018, “Every Coincidence has a Soul”). The story begins with an episode from 1959: the blinding of a child who was reading ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’.

So begins a difficult week, in which Vince Corso finds himself one metre from madness and in the middle of an investigation, turning from the investigator into the person under investigation.

In the author’s view, it is as if not only reality but also the alphabet had been turned upside down and there really was a ‘magic door’ between books and life.

Fabio Stassi, originally from Sicily, was born in Rome in 1962. He lives in Viterbo and works in Rome as a librarian. His latest publications include: ‘Il libro dei personaggi letterari’ (2015, “The Book of Literary Characters”), “Fumisteria” (2015), ‘Angelica e le comete’ (2017, “Angelica and the Comets”) and ‘Con in bocca il sapore del mondo’ (2018, “With the Taste of the World in My Mouth” ). The bibliotherapist detective Vince Corso is also the protagonist of the novels ‘La lettrice scomparsa’ (2016), ‘Ogni coincidenza ha un’anima’ (2018) and ‘Mastro Geppetto’ (2021).

Cristina Giordano, born and raised in Milan, has been living in Germany for over 18 years. Author and journalist, she covers political, social and cultural issues for various publications, including the German public broadcaster WDR (Westdeutscher Rundfunk). She is a cultural correspondent for RSI (Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana) and collaborates in the production of various TV programmes, particularly for RAI.

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