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The exhibition 'El vientre del escarabajo' in Montevideo
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The exhibition ‘El vientre del escarabajo’ in Montevideo

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
Fernando Sicco's contemporary art at the Blanes museum.
F. Sicco - El

From 17 February to 30 April, the Italian Cultural Institute of Montevideo presents an exhibition of contemporary artist Fernando Sicco at the Juan Manuel Blanes Museum.

The exhibition is specially designed to occupy the entire “Marìa Freire” hall covering over 200 square metres.

The exhibition uses photography, video, sublimation on canvas and the costumes of the characters in Blanes‘ works in the museum dedicated to him.

At the centre of the stage is the ‘lint remover beetle, a small and humble industrial tool that advances through the exhibition space like a butterfly, to trigger a symbolic earthquake with the movement of its wings that crosses the time of history and rocks the officious voice representing our past.

The artist’s work invites the viewer on an innovative journey to look at what often goes unnoticed, to put art, design and everyday life on the same level.

At the same time, it prompts viewers to reflect, personally and collectively, on reworking the past and designing the future, giving artistic dignity to the discards of contemporary society.

‘El vientre del escarabajo / cuestión de escalas’ is not a group of works exhibited together but a complete exhibition conceived as a single work of art. It is the result of gesture and play, of free interaction in the distribution of space, moving from the infinitely small to the immensely large. It is a gesture, or a chain of gestures.

Fernando Sicco was the director of the Espacio de Arte Contemporanea (EAC) Museum in Montevideo, from its establishment in 2010 until 2020. Trained as a psychologist, he specializes in photography, video, and art.  A university lecturer, he has worked on performing arts at local and Ibero-American level. As an artist he has curated about ten solo exhibitions and taken part in about twenty group exhibitions in Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Spain.

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