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A conference in Montréal to talk about the 'great game' of power
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A conference in Montréal to talk about the ‘great game’ of power

Categories: Culture and creativity -History and current events
Two experts in organised crime investigate the fine line between power and malfeasance.
Conferenza il gioco grande del potere. Particolare di locandina
Conferenza il gioco grande del potere. Particolare di locandina

On 17 May, the Italian Cultural Institute of Montréal invited Roberto Scarpinato and Antonio Nicaso to attend a conference entitled ‘The Great Game of Power’.

Logic of convenience and connivance between legal and illegal economy. Interested generosity. Hidden agreements, illicit entanglements, the search for impunity and consent. The borderline between power and malfeasance becomes more and more blurred, to the point of almost dissolving. And the mafias advance, become a system and become stronger and stronger, more and more powerful. In light of the experience gained through their professional activities, Roberto Scarpinato and Antonio Nicaso will help us to fully understand what the “great game” of power has become today.

Roberto Scarpinato. He was attorney general at the Court of Appeal of Palermo and one of the most exposed magistrates in the fight against the mafia in Italy. He was part of the anti-mafia pool with Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino and has dealt with many of the most important mafia trials, including trials on the relationship between the mafia and the economy and the mafia and politics.

Antonio Nicaso. Historian of cirminal organizations, he is one of the leading ‘Ndrangheta experts in the world. He teaches Social History of Organized Crime at Queen’s University. He has written over 30 books, including some international bestsellers.

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