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In Zagreb, the choreographic evolutions of 'Symposion'
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In Zagreb, the choreographic evolutions of ‘Symposion’

Categories: Culture and creativity -Music and Performing Arts
The 'Bellanda' company performs in the Croatian capital with a routine that pays homage to Plato.

The Italian Cultural Institute of Zagreb presents the contemporary dance show entitled “Symposion” by the Bellanda company on 17 September.

The performance was created in partnership with the PAN-ADRIA regional network, which promotes contemporary dance in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

The Bellanda dance company consists of Giovanni Leonarduzzi, Claudia Latini, Claudio Cadario, Lidia Eseleva, Stefano Mazzanti, Matteo Carvone, Maurizio Cecatto and Sara Pastrochich.

According to the company:

Our work, based on “Aristophanes’ Speech” from Plato’s Symposium, is a deep dive into a couple dynamic in a relationship, as well as into ourselves and our awareness, aimed at the conscious search for our identity.
It explores the tension that arises between two bodies who are longing for physical reunion, who are currently separated and stuck in a continuous desire to be reunited. This desire animates and moves bodies since a relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, always entails movement, an exchange, a going towards the other and at the same time going away, always in constant search of ourselves and what is beyond us.

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