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‘And so we went out to see the clouds again’
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‘And so we went out to see the clouds again’

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
An exhibition in Helsinki revisits Dante’s Inferno through comics.
Dante 700 nel mondo logo
Dante 700 nel mondo logo

To celebrate the 700th anniversary of the poet’s death, the Italian Cultural Institute of Helsinki is dedicating a comic exhibition to Dante’s Divine Comedy.

In the last century there have been numerous Italian comics that have either depicted Dante or taken inspiration from his most famous work. Some of these are educational, intended as a fun supplement to school work; others are humorous or satirical, utilising the images and metamorphoses of the’ Inferno’ to poke fun at contemporary society; others still are adventure-oriented, or place the protagonists of the poem in scenarios that would be worthy of modern horror fiction.

Twelve comic strips reinterpreting Dante’s inferno and its cast of characters, spanning across different genres and eras. The exhibition is curated by MaMaComics and Alberto Brambilla, a contributor to the comic news and culture website Fumettologica.

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