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'Milky Way House' opens in Beirut
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‘Milky Way House’ opens in Beirut

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts -Cinema and Audio-visual
An audiovisual experience of the cosmos to reaffirm a common message of unity and brotherhood between peoples.
La Via Lattea - particolare di locandina
La Via Lattea – particolare di locandina

From 29 April to 27 May, the Italian Cultural Institute in Beirut presents an exhibition entitled “The Milky Way House”, created by the artistic partnership of Nadia Antonello and Paolo Ghezzi.

The key message of the exhibition is that we are all citizens of the same galaxy, the Milky Way.

In the heart of Beirut, in Beit Beirut, the Milky Way House/Beit Darb el Tebbeneh has been set up.

Beit Darb el Tebbeneh in Beit Beirut is a multi-sensory project with numerous artefacts of conceptual, emotional and performative art. The message of the project is clear, it is a strong call to see each other without divisions, without borders. To feel united in our humanity and existence – Maie El-Hage, curator and art historian.

Technology has progressed so far that we can now also hear the sound of the cosmos. In order to highlight these soft noises, a LED strip lights up vividly as the shooting stars pass by, offering an audiovisual experience of the cosmos.

In Beit Darb el Tebbeneh, the public is invited to participate and reaffirm its universal citizenship. Within the exhibition, ‘The Lost Dream Office’ offers everyone the opportunity to write and share their lost dream, while ‘The Registry Office’ allows the visitor to formalise their status as a citizen of our Galaxy. They can write their name and stamp their document. These two participatory art works directly involve the visitors with the project and at the same time unite them emotionally and intellectually.

Finally, the installation entitled ‘Tying the Earth to the Sky’ creates an ethereal vision, full of symbolism and magical experiences, which literally connects the earth to the sky.

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