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The exhibition 'Pasolini. Ipotesi di raffigurazione' opens in Madrid
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The exhibition ‘Pasolini. Ipotesi di raffigurazione’ opens in Madrid

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
Italian and Spanish artists ideally dialogue around the profound yet enigmatic figure of Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Copyright Agenzia Dufoto, Pasolini, Roma 1960
Copyright Agenzia Dufoto, Pasolini, Roma 1960

As part of the celebrations of the centenary of Pier Paolo Pasolini‘s birth and PHotoESPAÑA 2022, the Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid is pleased to present the project Pasolini. Ipotesi di raffigurazione, an Italian-Spanish exhibition in which artists from both countries ideally dialogue around the profound yet enigmatic figure of Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Over the years, the Institute has dedicated many initiatives to the figure of the great intellectual; with this exhibition we have reflected on the present Pasolini, to find together an answer to the question of how much, the words, the work, the imagery of Pasolini – 100 years after his birth and 47 years after his death – is still capable of impressing and inspiring intellectuals, artists, ordinary people.

With this interpretative key, Marco Delogu, assisted by Andrea Cortellessa and Silvia De Laude, has elaborated an itinerary built around five Pasolinian themes – inspirations, self-portraits, eternal fascism, middle-lands, suburbs – in which the footsteps of the great intellectual are spotted and deciphered through the ‘lenses’ of nine extraordinary contemporary artists: Jordi Barreras, Elisabetta Benassi, Jacopo Benassi, Marco Delogu, Jorge Fuembuena, Alberto García-Alix, Pino Musi, Sabrina Ragucci and Giovanna Silva.

The techniques are different, the sensitivities different, but they all seem to converge on the almost ancestral and mystical significance of places: physical places, such as the Roman suburbs, suspended places such as the middle lands, but above all places of the soul, where the metamorphosis of landscapes into faces is brought to full fruition.

Marco Delogu has also decided to accompany this journey with images from the precious Giuseppe Garrera and Plinio De Martiis archives in which we can see Pasolini in his everyday life, in his earthly and carnal dimension, immersed in an Italy that is different from today but crossed by the same wounds, contradictions and hopes.

We often speak of Pasolini the prophet, but we like to think more of Pasolini the poet, who with his words – made up of letters, images, photograms – captured, tracing and commenting on them, the lines of an impervious but damnably attractive and mysterious path: that of humanity.

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pino musi - campo e controcampo via eufrate 2022 (1)

pino musi - campo e controcampo via eufrate 2022 (1)

Antoine - Jorge Fuembuena

Antoine - Jorge Fuembuena

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