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Artist Rosy Rox in Denmark for the Day of Contemporary Art 2022
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Artist Rosy Rox in Denmark for the Day of Contemporary Art 2022

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
The Neapolitan artist performs 'Ad occhi aperti' at the Museum Ovartaci in Aarhus and opens the Agile/Fragile exhibition at the Cultural Institute in Copenhagen.
Rosy Rox AGILE 2020

As part of the Day of Contemporary Art  initiatives the Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen  presented the performance and exhibition by Neapolitan visual artist Rosy Rox.

The latest performance artwork by Rosy Rox, Ad occhi aperti (Eyes Wide Open), is dedicated to – presumed – madness and the possibility of regeneration; the conceptual and iconographic universe of the work is interwoven with that of Ovartaci, an artist of Danish origin whose biographical and creative journey developed within the walls of a psychiatric hospital. The poetics of the two artists – distant in time, context and language, yet so close in their attempt to break free, through the generative force of creativity, from the chains imposed by society, as metaphorical as they are real – share a profound sense of melancholy.

The performance, Ad occhi aperti , was specially conceived for the spaces of the Museum Ovartaci in Aarhus, where it was presented on Tuesday 11 October 2022.

In her performance, the artist composes a minimal choreography with her body, retracing experiences, restoring to memory the time standing still of suffering, an inner time that looks at the present and transforms it, giving new meaning to the dark, in the hope of light.

On 13 October, the artist then opened the exhibition Agile/Fragile at the Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen (open until 4 November 2022).

AGILE is the protest of an artist who normally feeds off her relationship with the public and who – confined to the solitude of her house (casa) during the pandemic – finds a sarcastic outlet in the wordplay with cassa (crate), as the only stage available during lockdown, to testify to the condition of women and artists: FRAGILE.

The exhibition includes  photographs , videos and sculptures from the performance projects created by the artist in the last ten years, starting with Monumento di Passaggio and including Il Dono,(a participatory travelling project involving various social situations in Campania) and Tempo Interiore with which she won the award ‘Un’opera per il Castello’ (A work for the Castle) by restoring through her own very personal vision the ancient clock of Piazza d’Armi in the Castel Sant’Elmo.

Rosy Rox’s work has always focused on themes related to female identity. Starting from her own experience, she narrates her inner world, her desires, through the use of her body, which becomes the subject of aesthetic contemplation and philosophical reflection. Her language feeds on imagery, as realistic as it is dream-like, transfiguring hidden fears, traumas, frustrations and rebirths into a symbolic theatre in search of emancipation through the freedom of art.

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