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Dance on stage in Tunis
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Dance on stage in Tunis

Categories: Culture and creativity -Music and Performing Arts
A platform dedicated to Italian contemporary dance and a series of performances, on the occasion of the Video-Opera-Danza Festival.
La danza in scena a Tunisi
La Danza in scena a Tunisi

From 10 to 14 November 2021, the Italian Cultural Institute of Tunis presented, at the Opera Theater of Tunis, the first Italian Contemporary Dance Platform, ‘D’accordo‘.

An initiative of high artistic and cultural value that aims to present contemporary dance to the Tunisian public, and to create opportunities for sharing artistic skills. The event took place as part of the ‘Video-Opera-Danza Festival‘, which saw the participation of important Italian dance companies, and was an opportunity for direct encounters between Italian and Tunisian artists.

The opening night saw the company Oplas/Centro Regionale della Danza Umbria  on stage with ‘Il Grande Viaggio del Divino Dante‘ (The Great Journey of the Divine Dante), a show performed by dancers from Oplas and Syhem Belkhodja’s company Ness el Fenn, including readings of the Divine Comedy by actor and director Massimo Belli. Next, a performance from the Francesca Selva/Con.Cor.Da company in ‘Amore Amaro‘ (Bitter Love), a duet performed throughout Europe since 2014 and dedicated to the complexity of couple relationships.

On Thursday 11 November, it was the turn of the Sbam Dance Connection company, with a female duet entitled ‘Mindfulness‘, an inner journey in which meditation marks the beginning of a path towards awareness understood as a sublime ascent towards an ‘ethical’ way, and the acceptance of self. On the 12th, the Mandala Dance Company and the E.sperimenti Dance Company/Gdo (Gruppo Danzatori Oggi) took to the stage: the first performed the all-female quartet entitled ‘HH_Homo Humus‘, a multimedia production on the current theme of climate damage caused by environmental pollution, while the second performed ‘Convergenze‘, a choreography with a primordial rhythm that materializes in a physical, earthy dance, in an extreme challenge with oneself and others in an abstract as well as engaging and energetic relationship between electronic music and the earth, light and rhythm.

The opening performance on Dante will close the event, in a bid to attract a younger audience. The platform includes two important events: a press conference and a round table, an opportunity for Tunisian promoters, festival directors and choreographers and Italian performers to meet.

Event in collaboration with the Tunis Opera Theater and Syhem Belkhodja’s company Ness El Fenn.

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