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'Dante in contemporary art' in Addis Abeba
Portal of the Italian language

‘Dante in contemporary art’ in Addis Abeba

Categories: Culture and creativity -Language and education -Visual Arts
Contemporary and Street Art to celebrate Dante on the occasion of the XXI Week of the Italian Language in the World.
Dante ad Addis Abeba
Dante ad Addis Abeba

Italian-Ethiopian Street art lands, for the first time in Addis Ababa thanks to the Italian Cultural Institute, to pay a tribute to the Supreme Poet, on the 700th anniversary of his death and on the occasion of the XXI Week of the Italian Language in the World, with a large mural, ‘Dante 700‘.

The mural occupies an area of over 170 square meters and is divided into three connected sections in which Italian and Ethiopian artists interpret, in a modern key, the Supreme Poet and his life with the works ‘Dante The Ethiopian‘ (group ‘Addis Street Art’), ‘The Divine Technic‘ (Nicola Varesco) and ‘Inside‘ (Van Orton Design – Marco and Stefano Schiavon).

The ‘Dante in contemporary art‘ project continues with the opening of the collective exhibition ‘Dante Plus 700. Addis Abeba Edition‘, which celebrates Dante and his Comedy through the works of 100 contemporary Italian artists. Among them Milo Manara, Moebius, Tanino Liberatore, Emiliano Ponzi, Riccardo Guasco, Lucamaleonte, Nicola Verlato, Lrnz, The Oluk, No Curves, Carlo Stanga, Cibo, Donato Sansone, Fra !, Giulio Rincione, Francesco Poroli and many others.

In order to make different communication languages interact, the exhibition proposes a new level of artistic fruition thanks to augmented reality: through the free application ‘ARIA The AR Platform’, created by the Alkanoids animation studio in Milan, you can see, directly from your smartphone, the works come to life and come to life in short films

The project, promoted with the patronage and support of the National Committee for the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, is the result of the work of numerous illustrators, street artists, graphic designers, comic and graphic novel authors, very different from each other in terms of style (which ranges from tempera painting and geometric design to the use of 3D software), and in the approach to the reinterpretation of Dante’s iconography, but all of great impact.

The exhibition is accompanied by workshops on contemporary and street art by its curator Marco Miccoli (Bonobolabo Ravenna).

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