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‘Design and new technologies for a sustainable future’ in Sydney
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‘Design and new technologies for a sustainable future’ in Sydney

Categories: Culture and creativity -Design and Architecture
The Italian-Australian architect Luigi Rosselli illustrates his design idea.
The Pool House - Luigi Rosselli
The Pool House – Luigi Rosselli

On the occasion of Italian Design Day, the Italian Cultural Institute of Sydney, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency of Sydney, presents a speech by the architect Luigi Rosselli on the theme ‘Design and new technologies for a sustainable future’.

The event is a showcase for Italian design, style, quality and desirability of the ‘Made in Italy’ brand.

Luigi Rosselli is an Italian-Australian architect who has been in business for over 35 years and is famous for having built some of Sydney’s most iconic homes.

Born in Milan in 1957, Rosselli has a long educational background in Switzerland and the United States.

He then moved to Canberra along with his studio in 1985, where he contributed to the design of the Australian Parliament Building and continues today to bear witness to a new idea of residential architecture and a “holistic approach” to design in the wake of Mario Botta (from Spoon to City).

For Rosselli, architecture is ‘humanist, where people and the environment take precedence over the preconceived dogmas of design’.

His buildings have the softness of time-worn structures, organic forms, as opposed to the sharpness and cold perfection of contemporary architecture.

Also influencing Rosselli’s activity was Giurgola’s humanist approach and the role of democracy in architecture, which we still find in Giurgola and in Thorp‘s experience in Canberra.

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