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Enzo Barracco presents 'The Skin of Rock Galapagos' in New York
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Enzo Barracco presents ‘The Skin of Rock Galapagos’ in New York

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
The Italian photographer's new book depicts an ecosystem that is a barometer of environmental fragility and climate change.
galapagos barracco
galapagos barracco

The Italian Cultural Institute of New York invites on 9 May to the presentation of Italian photographer Enzo Barracco’s new book on Galapagos.

This volume complements his series of spectacular photographs of the most remote and fascinating places on Earth. Enzo Barracco, an Emmy Nominated Italian photographer, author of ‘The Noise of Ice Antarctica’, chose the Galapagos islands for his latest project: ‘The Skin of Rock Galapagos’, the very place where nearly 200 years ago Charles Darwin studied the origin of our species. With their unique geographical position, the Galapagos are the perfect environment to visualize and understand how delicate the equilibrium of the oceanic system is, and how deeply it affects the life on our planet.

Three major ocean currents converge at the Galapagos, creating a unique biodiversity and rich ecosystems, like no other place on the planet. This unique condition of factors also serves as a barometer of environmental fragility and climate change.

Barracco is also involved in corporate communication and has worked with leading companies and numerous institutions in the public and private sector.

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