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Fare Cinema 2019
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Fare Cinema 2019

Categories: Culture and creativity -Cinema and Audio-visual
The thematic festival to promote quality Italian cinema and the film industry of our country abroad.
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The second edition of Fare Cinema is dedicated to the numerous professions in the industry, i.e. actors, directors, writers, cinematographers, set designers, composers, costume designers, make-up artists, editors, special effects technicians, and many more – who make the complex machine of film production. 

100 film testimonials/ambassadors in 100 different cities around the world talk about Italian film through conferences, meetings with the audience, seminars, storytelling and experiences of a daily job made of passion, creativity and strong technical skills.

The guest of honour at the presentation at the MACRO Asilo in Rome on 9 May is the director Dario Argento.


Fare Cinema 2019


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