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‘Flusso di coscienza / stream of consciousness’
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‘Flusso di coscienza / stream of consciousness’

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
The Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid is hosting a video installation created by a collective of Italian artists.
Flusso di coscienza
Flusso di coscienza

The Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid, in collaboration with METAEXPERIENCE.ART, presents the installation ‘Flusso di coscienza / stream of consciousness: An immersive digital art experience’.

The installation will be on display at the Institute from 21 January to 16 February, 2022. The Italian artist Stefano Fake, curator of the project, will be present at the opening, which will take place on Friday 21st.

The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said that life and dreams are different pages of one and the same book; to read them in order is to live, to leaf through them at random is to dream. In order to investigate and visualize this process, ‘METAEXPERIENCE.ART’, a collective of digital artists, fed over 1000 texts of Italian literature to a complex computer system that makes use of artificial intelligence and the most sophisticated algorithms in order to associate shapes and words. The result is a visual artwork that is also a symbol of man’s ability to make use of big data and the computational flows of artificial intelligence for poetic purposes.

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