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Homage to Monica Vitti: a photography exhibition in Marseille
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Homage to Monica Vitti: a photography exhibition in Marseille

Categories: Visual Arts -Cinema and Audio-visual
Vittorugo Contino's photographs, taken on the set of Michelangelo Antonioni's ‘The Eclipse’, featuring the great Roman actress.
c. Vittorugo Contino
c. Vittorugo Contino

As a tribute to Monica Vitti, who passed away on 2 February, the Italian Cultural Institute of Marseille, in collaboration with the Centro Cinema Città di Cesena Foto, is organizing an exhibition of photographs by Vittorugo Contino which were taken during the shooting of the film ‘Eclipse’ By Michelangelo Antonioni (1962).

After ‘L’avventura’ (1960) and ‘The Night’ (1961) and before ‘Red Desert’ (1964), ‘The Eclipse’ is the third film in the so-called “alienation” tetralogy, made by the Ferrara-based director. Vitti, the protagonist of all four works, was an icon of Antonioni’s poetics, a timeless tale of the existential discomfort at the basis of Italian society during the years of the economic boom.

The Cinema Centre of the City of Cesena was founded at the end of the 1970s with the aim of promoting film and audiovisual culture, thanks to the donation of the Antonio Pietrangeli archive.

The exhibition is on view from 8 February through 31 March.

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