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On stage in Brussels, Filippo Ferraresi's De Infinito Universo
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On stage in Brussels, Filippo Ferraresi’s De Infinito Universo

Categories: Visual Arts -Music and Performing Arts
Inspired by Giordano Bruno, Filippo Ferraresi brings the grandeur and mystery of questions on a cosmic-scale to the theatre.
de infinito universo
de infinito universo

The Italian Cultural Institute of Brussels is staging a show produced by the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa, directed by Filippo Ferraresi with Gabriele PortugueseElena Rivoltinie and Jérémy Juan Willi.

De Infinito Universo’ is making its debut at the Théâtre National in Brussels from 23 to 26 February.

Inspired by Giordano Bruno, Filippo Ferraresi is bringing unfathomable existential questions to the theatre, placing them in contrast with the most intimate and private dimensions of the human being.

In a transdisciplinary theatre show, which weaves together acting and technology, acrobatics and special effects, Ferraresi relates the bewilderment and amazement of man in the face of the laws of physics and its ‘wonderful machines’.

In the play, the author reflects on the relationships between science, poetry, and politics.

It highlights the limits of science faced with concepts that the mind cannot comprehend, explores the potential of poetry with the power of its words and condemns the surrender of politics to the forces of economics and finance.

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