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The exhibition ‘Saint or slut - Being a Woman in Italy’ in Hamburg
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The exhibition ‘Saint or slut – Being a Woman in Italy’ in Hamburg

Categories: Visual Arts -Literature and Publishing
A photographic exhibition dealing with the female imaginary in contemporary Italian society.
F. Gilli, Europa, Italia, Lazio, Roma, 23/01/2018, Francesca Fiaschetti nella sua stanza.
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The Italian Cultural Institute in Hamburg presents ‘Santa o sgualdrina – Essere donna in Italia’ (Saint or Slut – Being a Woman in Italy), an exhibition curated by Franziska Gilli and Barbara Bachmann which is to be held at the Freelens Galerie from 17 February to 13 April.

The exhibition questions the stereotypes of the female imaginary in Italy, which oscillates between the exaltation of chastity and the commodification of the body, and the consequences of these representations for the younger generations. Made up of photographs by Franziska Gilli, it is based on the investigative book of the same name published by Barbara Bachmann for Edition Raetia. In particular, the book addresses the issues of eating disorders, feminicide and domestic violence.

Offering an overview of the situation for women in Italy, ‘Santa o sgualdrina’ features different profiles of women, men’s opinions on women, examples of advertising, quotes from Italian personalities of the last hundred years and reports on specific situations such as life in the convent for certain nuns or the activities of the transfeminist movement ‘Non una di meno’.

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