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The Italian contemporary art of ‘Cantica21’ arrives in Dakar
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The Italian contemporary art of ‘Cantica21’ arrives in Dakar

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
The exhibition inaugurates the installation by Irene Coppola in the Senegalese capital.
Irene Coppola, <h1> Home Page </h1>, 2021. Foto Fabio Sgroi, courtesy DGCC-MiC e l'artista
Irene Coppola – Home Page – 2021. Foto Fabio Sgroi, courtesy DGCC-MiC e l’artista

On 10 May, the Italian Cultural Institute of Dakar presented the work <h1> Home page</h1> created by the artist Irene Coppola and purchased by the Regional Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art – Museo Riso di Palermo, as part of the project Cantica21. Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere.

In 2020, the artist created and published Home Page, a web page where the viral imagery of the media was translated into digital drawings to overturn, confirm or find associations between current meanings and signifiers. Like wallpaper, GIF files cover the virtual space, creating new correspondences or revealing unexpected meaningful relationships, with the aim of synthesizing the violence and hyper-production of images that constantly besiege human perception. The work <h1> Home page</h1> retains a part of this sciencefictionesque tale: from the virtual, the web page arrives in reality in the essential and modular form of a tent, archetype of nomadic living and minimal architecture of protest and migration.

The evening included a preview of the collective residency projectIT Out OFF The Ordinary / Matérialité (s)’, part of the OFF events of the Dakar Biennale 2022, and was attended by curator Fatou Kiné Diouf and the artists Leila Bencharnia, Irene Coppola and Amy Célestina Ndione participate.

Irene Coppola (Palermo, 1991) investigates the liminal space between nature and culture, recovering neglected memories from dominant history that are translated into relational devices. After her studies in Milan and Rotterdam, she participated in numerous exhibitions, projects and residencies. In 2019, she won the 6th edition of the Italian Council with a residency project at the indigenous Comarca Guna Yala of Panama and participated in the collective ‘Alter Eva. Natura Potere Corpo (Alter Eva. Nature Power Body) at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.

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