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"Le ripetizioni" by Giulio Mozzi
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“Le ripetizioni” by Giulio Mozzi

Categories: Culture and creativity -Literature and Publishing
The novel nominated for the Premio Strega 2021 is featured in Hamburg.
Premio Strega Amburgo e Vienna
Premio Strega Amburgo e Vienna

Mario is a man who invents stories, alters reality, is not interested in the truth, neither about things nor about people. Mario escapes, through indolence, the obligation to understand that everything binds us and everything frustrates us. He wants to marry Viola, ignoring her double, maybe triple life. Years earlier he was left by Bianca, just before Agnese was born, who may or may not be his daughter.

Thus begins the latest novel by Giulio Mozzi, “Le ripetizioni” (2021), one of the 12 shortlisted for the 2021 Strega Prize.

Giulio Mozzi is the star of the event to be held on 23 November, at the Italian Cultural Institute of Hamburg as part of its ‘Caffè Letterario‘.

With a style of writing that progresses through chapter after chapter, Giulio Mozzi guides Mario, the novel’s protagonist, and the reader through adventures that are partly real and partly imaginary, leading them to touch on the strange and mysterious lives of nameless characters such as the Great Unknown Artist, the International Terrorist and the Hammersmith of Monks. While we can say of the days in Mario’s life that it is almost always 17 June, of the spaces in which Mario moves we are not certain.
Repetition is the only reality that Mario knows.

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