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'Maestro', documentary by Alexandre Valenti
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‘Maestro’, documentary by Alexandre Valenti

Categories: Culture and creativity -Music and Performing Arts
The feature film about the musicologist and pianist who devoted more than 20 years to recovering the music composed by Holocaust victims is now available online.

From 28 to 30 January 2022, for Holocaust Memorial Day, the Italian Cultural Institute of Rio de Janeiro is releasing the documentary ’Maestro’ by Alexandre Valenti.

The feature film reconstructs the story of Francesco Lotoro, a musicologist and pianist who spent more than twenty years tracking down, recovering, transcribing, performing and recording the music composed by victims of concentration and extermination camps during the Second World War. It is an enormous undertaking, still ongoing, that has collected more than ten thousand scores, many on waste paper or even on toilet paper, written in places of torment and death. Lotoro travelled to Europe, Israel and Brazil to collect the testimonies of the few survivors and their children and to find, in archives and homes, scores that have been ignored for over seventy years.

To receive the link and password, those interested must register by Thursday 27 January. The documentary will be available on the Italian Cultural Institute’s Vimeo channel.

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