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'Magister Raffaello' in Chile
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‘Magister Raffaello’ in Chile

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
A wonderful journey into the Italian Renaissance, a virtual exhibition to celebrate Raphael.
Magister Raffaello
Magister Raffaello

The extraordinary beauty in Raphael’s paintings can be transformed into a source of revival and rebirth after more than a year and a half of pandemicThe exhibition open to the public at the Museo Artequin in Santiago de Chile is entitled ‘Magister Raffaello, un meraviglioso viaggio nel Rinascimento italiano’ (A Wonderful Journey into the Italian Renaissance), from 16 September to 26 October 2021.

Promoted by the Embassy of Italy in Chile, the Italian Cultural Institute of Santiago and the Museo Artequin, the multimedia exhibition is an adventure to discover the work and life of one of the most emblematic artists of the Italian Renaissance. Following the ‘Da Vinci Experience’ in 2019, this new exhibition uses technological resources and new media languages to offer an unprecedented journey into the Italian Renaissance. The exhibition can be experienced and visited in person, or through online guided tours.

Produced by the Italian company Magister Art, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation as part of the commemorations of the Italian artist 500 years after his death (1483-1520), the exhibition is divided into 6 sections that include more than 40 works by the artist. Each section bears witness to the different phases of Raphael’s career, as well as the three dominant styles that he adopted: his early years in Umbria, the period in Florence and, finally, his time in Rome at the papal court.

‘With Magister Raffaello, we seek to bring the Chilean public closer to the great artists of the Italian Renaissance with a modern, fun experience open to everyone. The extraordinary beauty in Raphael’s paintings can inspire us in this phase of revival and rebirth after more than a year and a half of pandemic’ said Mauro Battocchi, Ambassador of Italy to Chile.

‘Magister Raffaello’ is an innovative exhibition for adults, children and families: visitors will experience a fact-finding adventure that amplifies and stimulates all their perceptive skills. The exhibition adopts the most advanced technological tools, together with different visual, sound, narrative and scenographic languages.

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