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'No Hay Banda Festival' in Montreal
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‘No Hay Banda Festival’ in Montreal

Categories: Culture and creativity -Music and Performing Arts
Three concerts dedicated to the Italian composer Pierluigi Billone.
No Hay Banda
No Hay Banda

Thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal, the ‘No Hay Banda Festival’ presents a series of three concerts dedicated to the works of the Italian composer Pierluigi Billone, one of the most original voices of the European avant-garde. His music will be performed by renowned local and international artists, among his closest collaborators, presenting a selection of his works written between 1995 and 2019.


  • 26 January 2022 ‘Mani. Stereos’ (2009) – Mirko Jevtović, accordion    ‘1 + 1 = 1’ (2006) – Duo Stump-Linshalm (Petra Stump-Linshalm & Heinz-Peter Linshalm), clarinet and bass
  • 27 January 2022 ‘Equilibrio. Cerchio (2014)’ – Marco Fusi, violin, ‘Legno. Edre II. Edre (2003)’ – Alexandra Eastley, bassoon, ‘Mani. Amon (2019)’ – Noam Bierstone, percussion
  • 28 January 2022 ‘Quattro Alberi (2011)’ – Sarah Albu, vocals; Alexandra Eastley, bassoon; Mirko Jevtović, accordion; Noam Bierstone, percussion ‘‘TI KE MI’ (1995) – Marco Fusi, viola ‘2 Alberi (2017)’ – (Joshua Hyde, saxophone; Noam Bierstone, percussion)

No Hay Banda is a Montreal-based non-profit organization dedicated to the production, performance and promotion of avant-garde music events. As part of a series of concerts in Montréal and touring productions, No Hay Banda provides a space for artists to realize their projects and aims to broaden and challenge the audience’s musical experience by showcasing the work of the intergenerational avant-garde that has its roots in pop/rock, DIY culture and post-war experimentation. It was founded in 2016 by three Montréal-based musicians: Daniel Áñez, Noam Bierstone and Geneviève Liboiron.

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