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Photographic exhibition 'Roots: a journey to Israel' opens in Haifa
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Photographic exhibition ‘Roots: a journey to Israel’ opens in Haifa

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
The journey to Israel of thousands of Italian Jews reconstructed with photographs from the Alinari historical archives.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Haifa presents the photo exhibition ‘Roots: a journey to Israel’ on 31 March.

64 photographs, in black and white, selected from the collection of the historical Alinari archives in Florence, reconstruct a journey which begins at the end of the nineteenth century and covers those routes full of hope and difficulties, which brought thousands of Italian Jews to Haifa.

There is the epic of the Italian Jews, who leave to restart their lives in Israel, there are the synagogues and the ghettos of some major Italian cities, and the photographs of those same cities, with their monuments and their splendor. There are the landscapes, agricultural productions, foods, artisans and industries, which made Italy great in the world.

Damiano Fedeli, photographer and journalist (Corriere della Sera), will be our guest at the Italian Cultural Institute and will unravel the threads of a photographic exhibition, which has a double aim: 1] to indicate the path that led, in the middle of last century, many Italian Jews to Israel; 2] to show the foundations of an ancient beauty, which never ages, but rather shows us, then and now, all its might through modern shots of archaeological finds, monuments and landscapes of Italy.

25 illustrations by major Italian designers, including Emiliano PonziGiulia NeriFabio Consoli and Marina Marcolin, complete the exhibition. Colors, which shape the dreams, expectations, illusions and deadlocksof our language students. Dozens of young people, who study Italian at the Institute every year: some to continue their university studies in Italy and become doctors, nurses, oenologists or economists, some just because Italy is a country, which sparks curiosity, a country that one wants to love and know.

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