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‘POST, Rethink The Future’ exhibition opens in Athens
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‘POST, Rethink The Future’ exhibition opens in Athens

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
Four Italian and Greek artists invite us to rethink the future.
Post- Rethink the Future - dettaglio di copertina
Post- Rethink the Future – dettaglio di copertina

The Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens present a group exhibition entitled ‘POST, Rethink The Future’ to reflect critically on contemporary issues. The exhibition, open to visitors from 10 March to 30 May, is hosted by the Blender Gallery in Athens in collaboration with the Sicilian Hellenic Trinacria Community of Palermo and Tempo Forte.

The four artists in the exhibition (Valentina Biasetti, Demetrio Di Grado, Alexandros Maganiotis and Konstantinos Patsios) have each used one letter of the word ‘POST’ as a starting point for a reflection on the theme of memory, and life in the present and future.

The term ‘POST‘ tells us what has ended, but not what awaits us in the future and foreshadows the possibility of the existence of a ‘new’ other that we are unable to imagine. This obsession with the ‘AFTER‘ conceals both the traces of a failure of language – faced with the difficulty of defining newly formed ideologies and cultural movements – and the attempt to dominate society.

This seemingly innocuous prefix allows one to rise above one’s own time and observe its landscape of ruins from above.

Humans thus delude themselves into believing that they can reinvent their own future, even by manipulating the truth, constructing an imaginary narrative, open to utopian dreaming and bound to certain aspects of our existence that have now been altered once and for all. ‘POST’ is therefore the sad realization that tomorrow will probably not be as we imagine it or as we would like.

The exhibition conveys four different visions of the world, one for each artist:

Biasetti presents us with his intimate, familiar and dreamlike vision,

Di Grado, on the other hand, constructs his own dimension through architectures that make paradox their key strength,

Maganiotis describes the existential passages of the definition of one’s own identity,

Patsios, on the other hand, depicts a society made even more fragile by the irreversible processes of globalisation and the great challenges of current social and political affairs.

In the mind of the curator, Francesco Piazza, it is up to the visitor to place the collective work in the mental space that is most congenial to him/her, either at the beginning of the exhibition as an instrument of knowledge or during the route as a moment of reflection, or at the end, summarising the vocabulary of each artist by decoding their thoughts.

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