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Reading aloud: Alessandro Gazoia
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Reading aloud: Alessandro Gazoia

Categories: Literature and Publishing
A new episode of the podcast promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of Hamburg on the most current Italian literature.
Tredici lune di Alessandro Gazoia

For the podcast series  #Lettureadaltavoce (‘reading aloud’) dedicated to emerging voices of 2021, the Italian Cultural Institute of Hamburg invites visitors to listen to Alessandro Gazoia, who will read an excerpt from pandemic counter-fiction ‘Tredici lune’ (Thirteen Moons), hot off the press and published by Edizioni Nottetempo (28 January 2021).

Alessandro Gazoia, former editor for Minimum Fax, has been the editorial director of Nottetempo since January 2021. For Minimum Fax, he has published ‘Come finisce il libro’ (How the book ends) (2014) and ‘Senza filtro’ (No filter, 2016); he also edited, with Christian Raimo, the anthology ‘L’età della febbre’ (The age of the fever, 2015). In 2018 he published ‘Giusto terrore’ (Righteous terror) for Saggiatore. ‘Tredici Lune’ is his debut novel. In his first work of fiction, the author speaks of the lockdown period experienced by a man who is suffering with being separated from the woman he loves.

Elsa arrived by train on Friday. The man who loves her, the voice of this story, went to pick her up at the station with his scooter, they pushed the trolley sideways on the platform and ran home together – she arrived to the sight of her favourite yoghurt and blueberry herbal tea ready for her. They meet again after many months, this time with the intention of staying together for a long time. – Alessandro Gazoia, Tredici Lune (Edizioni Nottetempo).

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