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Seven insights into Italian cinema. Art
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Seven insights into Italian cinema. Art

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts -Cinema and Audio-visual
A selection of movies from the Asolo Art Film Festival, dedicated to artists’ biographies, historical reconstruction works, critical interpretation and more.
Sette Sguardi sul cinema italiano Arte
Sette Sguardi sul cinema italiano Arte

The Asolo Art Film Festival is the oldest International Film Festival dedicated to Art. It was founded in 1973 as part of the Venice Art Biennale, at the initiative of the critic and essayist Flavia Paulon. It received the patronage of UNESCO for its role as an international model for combining film and the visual arts. 

Please find below the list of the six films selected by this prestigious festival and made available to the network of Italian Cultural Institutes in the world throughout 2021.

  • Carracci. La rivoluzione silenziosa (Carracci. The silent revolution) by Giulia Giapponesi, (2019), 45
    An unconventional journey to discover the life and works of the three great artists Agostino, Annibale and Ludovico Carracci, accompanied by Marco Riccòmini, the internationally renowned art advisor.
  • Studio 2091. A Venetian Story by Silvia Zanardi, Susanna Nasti, Naù Germoglio (2020), 60
    Two sculptors, an artisan and an alchemist skilled in ancient photographic techniques, work in a former warehouse on the ground floor of building number “2091”, in Venice’s Santa Croce district. Four talents who have chosen to live in Venice, as this is the only place where they can be themselves, fulfil their potential and feel free.
  • Depero, Rovereto, New York e altre storie (Depero, Rovereto, New York and other stories) by Nello Correale (2015), 60
    A documentary on the life and work of an artist who went well beyond the codified circuits of art, building a complete art form ranging from painting to theatre, from scenography to photography, from applied arts to “radio lyrics”, right through to publishing and advertising graphics.
  • In un futuro aprile. Il giovane Pasolini (In a future April. The young Pasolini) by Francesco Costabile, Federico Savonitto (2019), 78
    Casarsa, Friuli. The experiences of the young Pier Paolo Pasolini, as told by his cousin Nico Naldini, who was himself a writer and a poet. At that time, both men absorbed the aesthetic and erotic violence of an unknown world, which revealed itself in its harsh reality: a universe that went on to influence all of Pasolini’s subsequent work.
  •  Napoli Eden by Bruno Colella (2020), 74
    Annalaura di Luggo is an artist who loves a challenge: four monumental sculptures to be installed in the most significant places around Naples, as a symbol of redemption. The main character involves a lively bunch of “scugnizzi” (street kids) from the Quartieri Spagnoli neighbourhood in a project to construct an amazing tree made from scrap aluminium.
  •  Caravaggio. The soul and the blood  by Jesus Garces Lambert (2017), 90
    An exciting journey through the life, works and torments of Caravaggio, a brilliant and contradictory artist, who, more than any other, embodied bright and dark sides, genius and recklessness, creating sublime works.


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