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Seven insights into Italian cinema. Human rights
Portal of the Italian language

Seven insights into Italian cinema. Human rights

Categories: Culture and creativity -Cinema and Audio-visual
A selection of documentaries by Sole Luna Doc Film Festival.
Sette Sguardi sul cinema italiano Diritti
Sette Sguardi sul cinema italiano Diritti

An international documentary film festival organized every year by Sole Luna – A bridge between cultures, a non-profit association whose main purpose is to build friendships and encourage different people to share their experiences; the association’s activities mainly focus on the younger generations, raising awareness of and promoting documentary film-making.

Please find below the selection of films that will be made available to the Farnesina foreign network throughout 2021; these films touch on issues such as gender, the fight for freedom of expression, the right to mobility and the protection of people with disabilities.

  • Bring the sun home by Chiara Andrich and Giovanni Pellegrini (2013), 60
    The education of four illiterate women who leave home to attend Barefoot College in India in order to become engineers and bring the sun to the electricity-free villages of Peru and El Salvador where they come from.
  • Dove vanno le nuvole  (Where the clouds go) by Massimo Ferrari (2016), 72
    A journey through Italy and the immigration emergency: surprising models of coexistence, humanity in motion.
  • La mia classe  (My class) by Daniele Gaglianone (2013), 92
    Rome’s multi-ethnic Pigneto district. A film is being made in a school about teaching Italian to a class of non-EU students. An unexpected event  causes reality cross over into the realms of fiction.
  • Loro di Napoli. Afro-Napoli United (Those guys from Naples. Afro-Napoli United) by Piero Li Donni (2015), 69
    A story of social integration told through the bureaucratic and personal difficulties faced by Afro-Napoli United, a football team that plays in the Italian third division, made up of players without a residence permit.
  • Niente sta scritto (Nothing is written) by Marco Zuin (2018), 52
    The stories of Piergiorgio Cattani, a scholar with a serious degenerative neuromuscular disease, and the Paralympic champion Martina Caironi, show how life continually has surprises in store.
  • Nimble fingers by Parsifal Reparato (2019), 47
    A documentary about the lives of Vietnamese workers employed by the world’s most important electronics brands.
  • Prendere la parola (Taking  the floor) by Perla Sardella (2018), 47
    An April morning in a small Italian school for foreign women. While learning about grammar rules and maps, the women discuss what the word ‘freedom’ means for each of them.
  • The silent chaos by Antonio Spanò (2013), 45
    North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This documentary endeavours to give a voice to the deaf people of Butembo, who are perceived as a threat due to their diversity.


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