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Seven insights into Italian cinema. Women's film
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Seven insights into Italian cinema. Women’s film

Categories: Culture and creativity -Cinema and Audio-visual
A selecton of documentaries by Sguardi Altrove, festival hosting the world's best and most famous writers, while also welcoming new talents in female direction.
Sette Sguardi sul cinema italiano Femminile
Sette Sguardi sul cinema italiano Femminile

Sguardi Altrove is a cultural association that was founded in 1993 to promote female-directed films. With twenty-six editions behind it, this festival provides a unique opportunity to shine the spotlight on the role of women in the film industry offering eight days of meetings, workshops, tributes and dozens of screenings, featuring the best in international and Italian contemporary women’s productions, not to mention plenty of previews. 

Please find below the list of the six films made available to the network of Italian Cultural Institutes in the world throughout 2021.

  • Nevia by Nunzia De Stefano (2019), 87
    The story of a 17-year-old girl, who grew up in the container camp of Ponticelli (Naples), doing small jobs and taking on a lot of responsibility, until a circus arrives one day and bursts into her daily life, offering her an unexpected opportunity.
  • Punta sacra (Sacred point) by Francesca Mazzoleni (2020), 96
    A documentary on the Idroscalo community of Ostia, the last triangle of habitable space at the mouth of the Tiber, through the eyes of Franca, who is the head of an all-female family.
  • Sembra mio figlio (Just like my son) by Costanza Quatriglio (2018), 103
    The story of Ismail, who escaped persecution in Afghanistan as a child and became a refugee in Europe, and the difficult meeting with his mother.
  • La villa (The ‘villa’) by Claudia Brignone (2019), 61
    Scampia, Naples. In the heart of the neighbourhood, between tall buildings and expanses of concrete, there is a large public park, the “Villa Comunale”, an oasis of beauty that reveals the most intimate nature of the inhabitants of this difficult neighbourhood.
  • Medium by Laura Cini (2019), 84
    Sirio, mourning the tragic death of his wife, and Nadia, who has a dark past with her parents behind her, face unresolved issues with their deceased relatives through Tarika’s gift of being able to communicate with the afterlife.
  •  I am the revolution by Benedetta Argentieri (2018), 74
    A documentary about three women who grew up in the midst of war and fundamentalism in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, and now advocate democracy in unfavourable contexts, demonstrating the importance of female-led revolution.


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