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'The dramatic journey of Dante Alighieri'
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‘The dramatic journey of Dante Alighieri’

Categories: Culture and creativity -Literature and Publishing
Digital conference 700 years from the death of the great poet.

On the occasion of Dantedì 2021, the Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo organizes a digital conference in Norwegian ‘Dante Alighieris dramatiske reise – 700 år etter dikterens død‘.

The event will be broadcasted live on the Facebook page of the Institute on the 25th of March at 6:00 PM, with no need of any Facebook registration.

Henrik Syse is a philosopher, writer, lecturer and researcher at PRIO (The Peace Research Institute Oslo), as well as the author of the foreword to the newly printed translation of Inferno by Asbjørn Bjornes. Syse will also write the forewords of the next two volumes of Purgatorio and Paradiso that will be published in the upcoming years, which will conclude the ambitious project.

The 25th of March, the date chosen for the newly born celebration of Dantedì (Dante Day), is the day of the beginning of Dante’s journey whose poetic travel report gave shape to what we know nowadays as Divine Comedy. The literary work deeply influenced Italian and Western cultures throughout the centuries and still represents an essential part of our literary, philosophical and theological heritage.

The endless charm of Dante’s masterpiece continues to fascinate people all around the world, as well as in Norway, where several translations in verse and prose are underway. Having said that, we can’t help but wonder: which are the reasons behind such an inexhaustible interest? What is the meaning of Dante’s work of art in our time, 700 years after his death?

During the conference, Henrik Syse will try to answer to such complex questions, going beyond the historical and literary value of the book and investigating what it can teach us nowadays to face modern social and ethical challenges. The event will also host the translator Asbjørn Bjornes who will read some passages from ‘Inferno’.

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