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The exhibition ‘Il tunnel del tempo’ (The Tunnel of Time) in Brussels, featuring works by Cristiano Plicato and Xunmu Wu
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The exhibition ‘Il tunnel del tempo’ (The Tunnel of Time) in Brussels, featuring works by Cristiano Plicato and Xunmu Wu

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
Works by the two well-established contemporary artists on display at the Italian Cultural Institute.
Il tunnel del tempo – particolare della locandina

From April 1 to 29, Italian Cultural Institute of Brussels presents an exhibition entitled ‘Il tunnel del tempo’, featuring works by Cristiano Plicato and Xunmu Wu.

Cristiano Plicato studied at the Academy of Rome, where he attended the Interior Design course. In 1968 he was invited by Rafael Alberti to the International Competition of Alba Adriatica, ‘Marino Mazzacurati and the Resistance’. He took part in the protest at the 35th Venice Biennale in 1968 with the performance ‘Arte in cenere’ (Art in Ashes) and is the author of numerous solo exhibitions.

Historians, scholars and art critics have written about him, among them: Alberto Veca, Flaminio Gualdoni, Rachele Ferrario, Renata Ghiazza, Gino Sordini, Marcello Riccioni, Luca Cavallini, Sabrina Arosio, Giorgio Seveso, Raffaele De Grada, Emilio Tadini, Carlo Belloli, Gianni Pre, Pasqualino Colacitti, Aquilez Ortiz, Monica Ruiz, Maria Luisa Caffarelli, Claudio Rizzi, Giuseppe Possa and Judit Nahóczky.

He is curator of the Giuseppe Scalvini Museum in Desio.

Xunmu Wu was born in Shanghai in 1947. For 17 years he lived in the Gobi Desert and in the hinterland of the Tianshan Mountains, and this experience had a major influence on his art; the joys and sorrows of living close to nature have marked his soul. In the late 1980s, during a six-year walking journey, he crossed the mountainous border areas of Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangxi, collecting and recording cultural traces. He currently lives and works in Shanghai.

In his art he uses oil and various techniques from abstract art, creating works with a strong visual impact that convey an engaging emotional message. They are works of art that reveal an imaginary world and are the result of deep reflection.

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