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The new Italian design on show in Tirana
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The new Italian design on show in Tirana

Categories: Culture and creativity -Design and Architecture
Seven young designers exhibit their creations, combining minimalism, archetypes and symbolism.
Il nuovo design italiano a Tirana
Il nuovo design italiano a Tirana

The new generation of Italian design is on show in Tirana. Seven young talents – Ilaria Bianchi, Federica Biasi, Matteo Cibic, Serena Confalonieri, Antonio Facco, Elena Salmistraro and Tipstudio – will exhibit their works, from 9 July to 30 August 2021, at the COD – Center for Openness And Dialogue.

The exhibition entitled ‘Il nuovo design italiano’ (The New Italian Design) is being promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of Tirana in collaboration with the IMF Foundation and is curated by Elisabetta Pisu.

‘Italian design is movementist, experimental and avant-garde, extraordinary in its simplicity, but also accessible and sober’, says Alessandra Bertini, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute of Tirana, ‘which are features that make its products instantly recognizable and timeless’.

The exhibition brings together the formal simplicity and minimalist aesthetics of Federica Biasi; the utopian design of Matteo Cibic which combines design, art and fine craftsmanship and the humanism of Antonio Facco, which ranges from interior design to the object. Each of the 7 designers has chosen to interpret their artistic experience through unique forms and materials: Elena Salmistraro‘s poetic style is characterized by a mixture of illustration, design and visual arts, while the creative duo Tipstudio insist on a deep analysis of the material and transform each idea into a narrative and symbolic product. Archetypal forms and expressive language are the focus of Ilaria Bianchi‘s research into a more critical and conceptual design, and finally the graphic surfaces of Serena Confalonieri inhabit in the contrast between form and colour, enhancing the lightness of the objects.

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