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'Trash' the exhibition dedicated to recycling
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‘Trash’ the exhibition dedicated to recycling

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
The sustainable exhibition about the birth of the adventure movie 'Trash - The Legend of the Magic Pyramid' stops in Dakar.
Trash la mostra e i personaggi

Slim is a worn cardboard box. Bubbles a dented, half-squashed soda bottle. Spark, finally, is an empty battery. They are the three stars of the 3D animated film ‘Trash – The Legend of the Magic Pyramid’ (2020) directed by Francesco Dafano and Luca Della Grotta.

To celebrate the film and to introduce children to the theme of recycling and a more sustainable world, the Italian Cultural Institute of Dakar is hosting an exhibition entitled ‘Trash’ from 17 September, organized in collaboration with the TRAMES Agency. Through a wide selection of drawings, storyboards and video material, the exhibition recounts the birth and construction of the adventure movie, which combines entertainment and an educational mission.

The exhibition, which will remain open until 14 November, tells the story of the evolution of the film’s world and its daring characters: Slim and his fellow junkyard pals Spark, Bubbles, Bliss, Smug and Jet. Each of them was inspired by specific recycled materials: cardboard, plastic, glass, steel, aluminium and wood because ‘even waste has a soul and deserves a second chance, a better life’. Their second chance is recycling: if disposed of properly, they can be turned into new objects.

The exhibition is accompanied by the educational game ‘Trash and the Magic Pyramid’, available for download on iOS and Android devices.

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