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'Turbomondi' by Andrea Martinucci in Tirana
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‘Turbomondi’ by Andrea Martinucci in Tirana

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
The winning project of the Public Notice ‘Cantica21’ inaugurated in Albania.
Cantica21. Andrea Martinucci
Cantica21. Andrea Martinucci 2

Turbomondi (Melodia)’ by Andrea Martinucci, the work selected by the  Public Notice ‘Cantica21. Italian Contemporary Art Everywhere’, an initiative launched jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, with the aim of promoting and stimulating research and practice in the contemporary visual arts, supporting and revitalizing the creative skills of Italian artists and creative talent. The selected projects will be part of a large touring exhibition, created through the diplomatic-consular network and the Italian Cultural Institutes around the world.

The Italian Cultural Institute of Tirana sponsored and organized the exhibition of ‘Turbomondi (Melodia)’, on display in the spaces of the Zeta Gallery in Tirana. The work questions the communicative power of the word, its persuasiveness and the mechanisms it activates in dictating the bonds of sociality. Giving life to situations generated by an unconscious that draws on the depths of the imagination in creating new possible panoramas, the artist continues to experiment by drawing freely on the language of film and advertising, also referring to visual poetry, to investigate the mechanisms of communication as a subject.

A mysterious story, a film of fixed, motionless pictures, with no tracking shots, or other camera movements. The work is the gateway to the broader project that the artist is developing with Turbomondi, a galaxy of suspended worlds, which challenges the anthropocentric vision of a universe that may perhaps not have run out of resources.

Selected by the ‘Cantica21’ Notice ‘Turbomondi (Melodia)’ has become part of the public collection at the Central Institute for Graphics in Rome, accompanied by an experimental text by Damiano Gullì.

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