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Week of Italian Cuisine in Lima
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Week of Italian Cuisine in Lima

Categories: Culture and creativity -Food and Wine
Four online events from Peru to promote Italian cuisine.
Settimana Cucina Italiana 2021
Settimana Cucina Italiana 2021

For the 6th Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, the Italian Cultural Institute of Lima is offering a packed programme.

It will begin on 22 November with the lecture ‘Olio d’oliva in Italia. Storia, biodiversità, protezione del prodotto. Il caso dell’olio Riviera Ligure DOP’ (Olive Oil in Italy: History, Biodiversity, Product Protection – The Case of Riviera Ligure DOP Oil) by Prof. Alessandro Giacobbe and then continue on the 23rd with the conference ‘Cibo e cultura: i patrimoni dell’Umanità UNESCO. Dalla dieta mediterranea ai pizzaiuoli napoletani’ (Food and culture: UNESCO World Heritage Sites: From the Mediterranean Diet to Neapolitan Pizza Makers), by Prof. Elisabetta Moro and Prof. Pierluigi Petrillo. During their presentation, both will attempt to familiarize the audience with the Mediterranean diet and the famous techniques of Neapolitan pizza makers, which were recognized as intangible heritage by UNESCO in 2017.

The program continues on 24 November with ‘Calici italiani, piatti peruviani. Il vino italiano incontra la cucina tradizionale del Perù’ (Italian Glasses, Peruvian Dishes: Italian Wine Meets the Traditional Cuisine of Peru), a lecture by Dr. Giuseppe Carrus. The specialist, head of the restaurant in Cagliari, will analyze the different varieties of Italian wine by pairing them with some traditional Peruvian dishes such as ceviche, anticucho and ají de gallina, not to mention deserts such as maná and picarones.

The events will conclude on 27 November with the event ‘Indovina chi viene a cena?…Verona (Guess Who is Coming to Dinner? … Verona), a space for dialogue and encounter through food.

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