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The Italian-French EsaBac diploma
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The Italian-French EsaBac diploma

Categories: Language and education

One exam, two diplomas: a dual opportunity also in Italian schools in French-speaking countries.


A symbol of educational cooperation between Italy and France, the EsaBac allows Italian and French secondary school students to obtain two diplomas from a single exam: the Italian State Exam and the French Baccalauréat.

In fact, the EsaBac is a dual diploma established through an agreement signed in 2009 between the Ministries of Education of the two countries. Thanks to this agreement, France and Italy can both promote this three-year bilingual course in their respective school systems, allowing students to simultaneously obtain both the Italian and the French qualification.

The EsaBac course offers integrated education based on in-depth study of the language and culture of the partner country, with a specific focus on the development of historical-literary and intercultural knowledge, through a European and international perspective. Students are therefore taught not only the partner country’s language, but also its literature and history in said language, thanks to the presence of mother-tongue teachers and innovative teaching practices, including theatrical workshops and art history ateliers.

At the end of the course, students reach a B2 level of linguistic competence and can access universities in both countries. The EsaBac is currently offered by 337 schools throughout the country.

It is also possible to obtain the dual EsaBac diploma in Italian schools in the world : in fact, this study course is offered in state and state-authorised private schools in four countries around the world,  namely the ‘Giovan Battista Hodierna’  High School specialising in the sciences in Tunis, the ‘Scuola Italiana Roma’ specialising in languages in Algiers, the ‘Pareto’ High School specialising in the sciences in Lausanne and Mies, the ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ High School specialising in languages in Lugano and the State High School specialising in the sciences in Paris.

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