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Italian International School in Algiers: bilateral agreement signed
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Italian International School in Algiers: bilateral agreement signed

Categories: Language and education

For the enlargement of the catchment area and the strengthening of cultural ties.

Scuola Algeri
scuola algeri

Rome and Algiers are getting closer  Not just because “Roma” is in the name of the Italian International School of Algiers, but because on 6 November 2021, on the occasion of the state visit of the President of the Republic Mattarella to the Algerian capital, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and his Algerian counterpart, Ramtane Lamamra, signed an important bilateral agreement.

In fact, the Italian International School of Algiers, extending the previous agreement from 2006, will henceforth also be open to Algerian students, as well as to Italian and European students, in the spirit of an age-old friendship and from the perspective of shared future involving cooperation on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The agreement in question has a wide scope and constitutes a significant achievement in the policy of promoting Italian language and culture around in the world, which is something the Education System plays a central role in. Just one year after the opening of the new premises, the agreement caps off a crucial phase of consolidation for the School. It is enlarging its catchment area and strengthening both the cultural ties between the two countries and, as a result, the economic ones too. This is all the more significant for having taken place in the particularly complex period between 2019 and 2020.

The central role of the Embassy of Italy in Algiers was highlighted, which is now the guarantor of the conformity of the education provided with the standards of Italian public education. The coordination of the school is being entrusted to a management committee established in keeping with Algerian law.

The educational path goes from the nursery to the multilevel stages (from the first to the twelfth). Italian diplomas are recognized by Algeria. There is no theological education and checks are only carried out by the Algerian Ministry of National education for the teaching of Arabic culture and language (compulsory for Algerian students and optional for others).


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