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'Reconnecting With Your Culture 2021'
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‘Reconnecting With Your Culture 2021’

Categories: Language and education

First edition of the project for Italian schools around the world: a journey of discovery, study and promotion of Italian cultural heritage around the world designed for primary and secondary school students.

Reconnecting with your culture
Reconnecting with your culture

What Italian cultural heritage is there in your city? Is it a monument, a work of art, a song or a traditional celebration?

These are the starting points to launch a conversation with students on the concept of tangible and intangible heritage and to create a training programme aimed at rethink Italian culture abroad in all its different forms.

The aim of the project ‘Reconnecting With Your Culture’ is to help students reconnect with the heritage of their local area and their origins, inviting them to lead intergenerational historical research, examining the outcomes in a contemporary way.
Students will have to identify and select an Italian cultural element, reproducing it graphically through a drawing or other graphic reproduction, using any technique of their own choice, accompanied by a description in Italian on the concept of cultural heritage.
To enhance the focus on the children’s active participation in the educational and learning process, ad hoc seminars will also be organized, during which the children will be able to make proposals relating to the new functions and ways of using selected cultural heritage as well as proposals for their promotion and regeneration. Finally, the project will also offer the opportunity to launch a training course for the digital archiving and museum display of the research undertaken.
The project is promoted by edA International Research Center, an organisation working globally, with the support of UNESCO University and Heritage and the collaboration of DiCultHer for Italy, the Italian network involved in a number of projects promoting digital literacy among young generations.

The classes who wish to apply can register by sending an email to by 31 May 2021. For further information, contact: Raffaella Giampaola – Office V –

The announcement and further information are available on the website of the edA International Research Center.

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