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Contributions for schools, professorships and teachers

Contributions for schools, professorships and teachers
Portal of the Italian language

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation offers a range of specific programmes dedicated to promoting the Italian education system in the world, an important resource in the framework of ministerial cultural promotion. The contributions available are for schools, organizations and associations engaged in teaching and promoting the Italian language and culture.

Contributions to state-authorized private schools

The network of state-authorized private schools in the world is made up of private schools that have been recognized as equivalent to state schools and contribute to the promotion of the Italian language and culture according to foreign policy guidelines. The contributions dedicated to these schools are intended to support their operation and ensure the quality of education. The contribution issued is assessed on the basis of specific parameters calibrated according to the number and type of school, active classes and enrolled pupils and examination of the declared purposes. Incentives are awarded to newly authorized institutions and to those that expand their educational offering.

Contributions to professorships of Italian language

Reinforcing and promoting the study of Italian is a fundamental promotional activity that the Ministry supports by creating and supporting Italian professorships at foreign educational institutions. Contributions for this purpose are awarded upon presentation of a request by the foreign schools interested and on the basis of criteria that consider the strategic importance of the project to promote the Italian language, the number of students and courses, as well as other criteria detailed in the reference decree. In addition, within the scope of this type of subsidy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation also awards grants to people who have successfully completed Italian language and culture courses abroad.

Contributions for Italian teacher training

These contributions are awarded to entities, institutions, associations, schools and universities that organise refresher and training courses for teachers of Italian in the world. The ministerial action is intended to support the quality of Italian teaching, encouraging courses offering educational insights, innovative methodologies and multidisciplinary training projects.

Contributions for Italian language and cultural initiatives

This type of contribution is awarded to foreign non-profit entities established and organized according to the legal forms prescribed by local legislation and active in the promotion of the Italian language and culture. The goal of ministerial action is to encourage the promotion of language and culture in the world by supporting initiatives for learning the Italian language and culture, promoting bilingualism and the inclusion of curricular and extra-curricular courses in local schools.

All contributions are awarded annually according to the detailed indications in the reference decrees. More information on the application deadlines and procedures is available from local embassies and consulates.

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