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'3CODESIGN' exhibition
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‘3CODESIGN’ exhibition

Categories: Culture and creativity -Design and Architecture
Culture of recycling and environmental sustainability are the themes of the exhibition that explores the new paths of Italian design.
Mostra 3codesign - Alessandra Baldereschi, Wild Flowers, Lampada, 2020. Autoproduzione
Alessandra Baldereschi, Wild Flowers, Lampada, 2020. Autoproduzione

Making sure that rubbish turns into raw materials.
Placing recycle and reuse at the base of a circular economy.
Not only rethinking design and production keeping environmental sustainability in mind, but also building a new sociality based on sharing, responsibility, and respect for future generations.

These are some of the connotative traits of an increasingly marked trend in the latest Italian design that goes by the name of Ecodesign and whose primary objective is to contribute to the creation of a new ecology of the artificial.

Promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, the ‘3CODESIGN _3Rs_Reduce_Recycle_ Reuse’ exhibition aims to offer an inevitably concise yet sufficiently paradigmatic overview on how Italian design is working in this direction.

New objects are projected, according to the latest environmental sustainability needs, a real inversion of trend compared to the systems of production and design strategies employed during the 20th century. It is a new model that review all stages of design and production, starting to think, from the beginning, of objects and products that become repairable, reconditionable, reusable, shareable, and recyclable. Instead of ending up as landfill, the value of an object must remain in circulation, by regenerating itself continuously.

The exhibition will be set up and can be visited in various foreign locations, starting from May 2021.

Cover image: Alessandra Baldereschi, Wild Flowers, Lampada, 2020. Autoproduzione

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