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'Aria italiana': an exhibition, book and art-house film
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‘Aria italiana’: an exhibition, book and art-house film

Categories: Culture and creativity -Visual Arts
An exhibition, a book and an art-house film using 21 words to tell the world about the cultural and social changes caused by the pandemic, both in Italy and internationally.

The Aria italiana project reflects on how COVID-19 has transformed the present day, at the same time as imagining the future through art. Curated by Gianfranco Maraniello, Vincenzo Trione and Mario Cucinella, this is a publishing project, an audiovisual production and a plan for a travelling exhibition to be held between 2021 and 2022, developed in collaboration with Fondazione ICA Milano.

The publishing project is a collection of reflections by Italian artists, designers and architects who find themselves working in an unprecedented space-time horizon, in a dialectic between being close and far away.

The travelling exhibition is based on a travel display-device, conceived and created by the MC Architects studio: this modular exhibition tool is able to interpret and characterize both indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring materials can be recycled and adapted for preservation in environments such as those of the Farnesina Collection. The ‘magic box’ supports works, documents and projects selected from among new productions and pre-existing pieces, audiovisuals and design and architecture projects that can expand and adapt to the exhibition space, depending on the needs of each venue.

These include an audiovisual piece created ad hoc, able to poetically interpret the conditions at this particular point in Italy’s history, providing an artistic and historical testimony of the country’s experience.

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