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'BooktoScreen': from book to film (or TV series)
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‘BooktoScreen’: from book to film (or TV series)

Categories: Culture and creativity -Cinema and Audio-visual -Literature and Publishing
A project by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the Turin International Book Fair, for 'Fare Cinema' 2021.

The ‘BooktoScreen. From past to future. Six books, six screens‘ project is the result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turin International Book Fair, in particular thanks to the industry experience of the International Book Forum (IBF), encouraging and promoting a coming together of and mutual understanding between the Italian publishing industry and the global audiovisual production industry. This project takes its name from the IBF department dedicated to the sale and acquisition of publishing rights and connects the world of film and television (and more) with that of publishing.

In a pandemic-struck year, the Turin International Book Fair, like so many other events, has had to shift its activities online. Working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, BooktoScreen has gone digital, transforming into a series of three short documentaries about the innovative experience of adapting successful Italian novels – the saga of Inspector Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri, Gomorrah by Roberto Saviano and My brilliant friend by Elena Ferrante – into world-famous television series. With a narrative style and a backstage vibe, BooktoScreen uses interviews with authors, editors, directors, actors, producers, and the director of the Turin Book Fair, the Strega award-winning writer (2015) Nicola Lagioia, to present all the ingredients required to transform a book into a TV series or film and how the various players have to work together in order to successfully move from the written word to the big or small screen.

With regard to My brilliant friend, the director Saverio Costanzo and producers Lorenzo Mieli from Wildside and Domenico Procacci from Fandango take us through the process from book to screen, together with the screenwriters Francesco Piccolo and Laura Paolucci , with comments from the Deputy Director of editorial coordination at RAI Fiction, Francesco Nardella, and from Sandra Ozzola from the E / O publishing house, who is responsible fro the success of this novel by Elena Ferrante.

For Gomorrah, we meet Roberto Saviano, author of this global bestseller, the producer from Cattleya, Riccardo Tozzi, the screenwriter Maddalena Ravagli, the editor from Mondadori, Edoardo Brugnatelli, and the director of original productions at Sky, Nils Hartmann.

The story of how Andrea Camilleri’s novels dedicated to Inspector Montalbano were adapted is told by producer Carlo degli Esposti from Palomar, the screenwriter Francesco Bruni, the actor Peppino Mazzotta, the director of Rai Fiction, Maria Pia Ammirati, and the publisher Antonio Sellerio.

Each past – and current – success story is then linked to a story regarding the future, with short interviews with authors of novels that are soon to become TV series or films. We’re talking about Viola Ardone with The Children’s Train (Einaudi), Flavia Piccini and Carmine Gazzanni with Sarah. The girl from Avetrana (Fandango) and Luca Trapanese and Luca Mercadante with Born for you (Einaudi).

The BooktoScreen project is being curated by the Turin Book Fair on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the coordination of Francesca Mancini, authored by Fosco d’Amelio and directed by Tommaso Caroni. Production: ActingOut Creative Agency.

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